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Funny, moving and insightful conversations with leading creative and business leaders from the world of Fashion, Culture and Design. Simon and his guests address current affairs, creativity and assorted topics far outside their own careers. Always looking for provocative ideas you can actually do something with, the Fashion Culture Design podcasts are inspired by the Unconference of the same name.


The most influential designer you may never have heard of. Jeff’s Pigeon Dunk collab sneakers with Nike are the second most collectible sneakers of all time. His product launches have caused riots and grand larceny! He is mobbed by each successive young generation of streetwear fans and remains at the top of the influencer tree after more than 20 years in the business. How on earth does he do it while staying young and full of energy?


Laura Brown has a lot of fun. Just take a look at her Instagram for details. Whether it’s wearing a pink pussy hat to the Washington DC Women’s March or celebrating Italian food with a Choose Pasta tee shirt Laura will tell you exactly what she thinks. From her farm girl Aussie roots Laura has come a long way to being one of the most influential people in New York’s media elite. Along the way she’s interviewed some incredible women from Hilary Clinton to Tyra Banks and beyond her fun loving image she is deeply respected. Here she talks about her convoluted route to the top and what keeps her smiling.



Not many people can claim to have created an icon of popular culture, Ian Schrager  can claim two. With his partner Steve Rubell Ian invented the velvet rope at Studio 54, and went on to launch Morgans, the first Boutique Hotel before there was such a thing. And he’s more creative now than he ever was with the global Edition Hotels and his new pet project PUBLIC, which as its names suggests is open to the public with low priced rooms and open spaces. Is this the end of the velvet rope being brought about by its creator?